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Among the COVID-19 restrictions, we are here and open our normal hours Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8am-6pm as well as Friday from 8am-noon. Give us a call if you want to come in or need to schedule an appointment for someone that can use our care. Remember that adjustments help to boost your immune system. Be safe and stay healthy.

We are closely monitoring recommendations and instructions from our local health department.

We are exercising best practices in maintaining a sanitary work environment. Ensuring that we, staff, are frequently washing our hands, especially after physical contact with any patient. To the best of our ability, we are keeping hand sanitizer (CDC recommends alcohol content of 60-95% hand sanitizer) available for staff and patient use. We are wiping down treatment tables, especially those portions of the tables that come into contact with the patient’s face, head or hands, with a sanitizing solution after each patient.

If an employee is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or even the common flu, the employee is to stay home until they have recovered. We will take the steps necessary to disinfect the employee’s workstation, keyboards and phone, etc. If necessary, we will refer the employee to the appropriate location for screening.

We request that if patients are not feeling well or are exhibiting signs/symptoms of the COVID-19 or the flu that they inform us, that they do not come to the office, stay home, and seek medical attention from a medical doctor/physician.


Unparalleled Service.

WELCOME to North Hills Chiropractic Health Center, where your best care is our number one concern. We utilize a multitude of conservative treatments to provide our patients with faster, longer-lasting correction of their health conditions.

These treatments include chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, decompression therapy, cold laser therapy, nutritional and wellness coaching, and education to achieve this desired result. Our approach does not include surgery or medications. You’ll be offered alternatives that are non-invasive, personalized, hands-on and effective.

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